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Sequoia Select

Ultra-premium Sequoia Select replacement windows expertly combine classic beauty, enduring strength and easy upkeep with maximum energy savings to achieve the ideal window system for your home. Compare Sequoia Select's powerfully built construction with other vinyl windows, and you'll immediately see - and feel - the distinctive quality difference.

Product Features

Precision-engineered for outstanding thermal efficiency, Sequoia Select windows incorporate several best-in-class features to ensure an exceptionally strong and weathertight fit as well advanced energy savings and a markedly refined appearance:

  • High-Performance Construction  Fusion-welded sash and mainframe provide superior strength and structural integrity, while neat, tight corners create enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  • Steel-Reinforced Meeting Rail  Heavy-duty metal fortifies the window and allows for secure mounting of hardware.
  • Energy-Saving Design  Foam-enhanced sash and mainframe, airtight insulating chambers, triple-barrier fin seal weather stripping and the PPG Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System help block the transfer of heat and cold for superior energy savings.
  • Compression Bulb Seal at the Sill  Creates an all-season weather barrier.
  • Enhanced Sloped Sill  Achieves classic beauty, easy cleaning and prevention of water accumulation.

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Sequoia Select
<br><br>Window Diagram

Window Diagram

Take a closer look at Sequoia Select's superb construction and energy-saving features.

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Insulated Glass Packages

Insulated Glass Packages

For even greater energy savings, choose Sequoia Select windows with the BarrierXP® insulated glass package.

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Decorative Window Options


Sequoia Select windows are available in a full selection of luxurious hues and warm woodgrains to enhance the appearance of your home - both inside and out. Exterior colors feature a cutting-edge polyurethane coating technology with heat-reflective pigments for a remarkably strong, fade-resistant and highly weatherable finish that's easy to clean. Our interior woodgrain laminate finishes are precision-engineered for outstanding durability that maintains its attractive appearance over the life of the product. Together, this innovative design collection delivers the perfect fusion of style and strength.

Interior Grids

Interior grids add style and balance to the appearance of your windows. All grids are enclosed within the insulated glass unit for easy cleaning.

Grid Patterns

Grid Profiles

V-Grooved Cut Glass

Choose cut or polished V-grooved glass for a subtle touch of elegance.

Beveled-Leaded Glass

All leading glass is handcrafted using hand-cut glass, crystal bevel clusters, and hand-soldered camings. Choose one of our exquisite glass styles with brass, pewter or lead caming to dramatically enhance the beauty of your home.

Tools and Resources

In these comprehensive manuals, you will find all of the information needed to fully enjoy and take care of your Gentek vinyl windows. For added protection, Sequoia Select windows carry a lifetime limited warranty - further assurance you have made an excellent selection for your home.
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